Cooking Classes in Stratford

Special Valentines Day Cooking Class

Come for a romantic stay and enjoy a cooking class in beautiful Stratford.  Check in and relax at the bed and breakfast by the fireplace, or explore and shop in town.  A pasta cooking class in the late afternoon will then lead into a relaxing and delicious dinner.  Breakfast, accommodation and dinner included for two.  One night for two- $249.99, two nights (one class and dinner only) $349.00. Please see pasta cooking class description for full details on class.

Cooking Classes right in Stratford $75.00/ person for 2hrs, $150.00/ person for 4 hrs including meal experience.

Each Class is available as a shortened instruction and demo only, or an extended participation and meal included experience.  Feel free to call and design your own class for yourself or a group!

Handmade Pasta and Sauces:

Learn how to make fresh egg pasta, including flavoured noodles.  We will prepare a tomato flavoured fettucini and ravioli using a variety of tools.  See how easy it is to prepare fresh and flavorful sauces to accompany your pasta, then enjoy the fruits of your labour for lunch or dinner.  Feel free to bring your own Chianti to complete your meal!


Do you love duck confit, sausages and terrines?  Learn how easy and satisfying it is to make your own.  We will prepare breakfast sausage, duck confit, rillettes, and a terrine as well as charcuterie accompaniments.  After cooking you will enjoy a charcuterie platter and a composed salad with crispy duck confit.  We will also use the sausage in a tasty breakfast for you to enjoy next day.

French Pastries:

Oh the glory of french pastry!  Learn the basics of pate a choux and pastry creams to make eclairs, profiteroles and cream puffs.  We will fill our pastries with diplomate cream, chantilly cream and cream anglaise, then top them traditionally before we enjoy them in true parisian fashion with a classic cafe au lait.

Fresh Cheeses:

Make your own goat cheese, ricotta, marscapone, and creme fresh.  We will enjoy a lovely cheese platter including the great cheeses we make, and some local cheeses with a discussion of the further techniques and equipment used to make hard cheeses.


Have you ever enjoyed a meal and wondered why don’t my sauces, soups or risotto turn out like this?  It is always the stock.  Begin with exceptional stock and you will end with a restaurant quality meal.  Learn how to make white veal, roasted veal, chicken and vegetable stocks to make the difference in your meals.  We will then use this stock to make glace and demi-glace and discuss the uses of these reductions.  This class is taught in segments because of the time involved in producing these items.  You will have time to head into town to shop the great culinary stores in Stratford and relax to really enjoy your stay.